M.S. 137 Dual Language Spanish Program

M.S. 137 is proud to announce the start of our Dual Language Spanish Program. The program begins in the 6th grade and follows the "Side-by-Side" model. The side-by-side model means that each class works with two teachers. Students spend one day participating in classes using the English language and one day participating in classes using the Spanish Language. This method is repeated throughout the week in an effort to make meaningful connections between both languages and to assist students with general language acquisition.

In addition, students selected for the Dual Language Program will continue with the program throughout 6th, 7th and 8th grades. The students will also have the opportunity to graduate with credit for 3 Regents upon passing the exams, as well as preferred acceptance into High Schools offering a Spanish Dual Language program. 

Dual Language Brochure in English
Dual Language Brochure in Spanish

Image of 4 students saying "Adios, Hello, Bye, Hola" to represent M.S. 137's Dual Language program