Meet the Principal

Image of Principal Trincado

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Family Members of the students of M.S. 137, 

 As parents, teachers, and students prepare for what lies ahead, hope, excitement, and nervous energy come at the beginning of each school year. I intend to dissuade some of that nervous energy with this letter.  It is an honor to introduce myself to you all as your new school Principal.  My goal is to instill hope, an eagerness to learn, and the ability to persevere through challenges in all members of our wonderful school community. 

Growing up in Ozone Park myself, I did not speak any English when I first entered the school system as a child to Chilean immigrants. However, as I progressed through the grades, I learned English in school, and the exemplary teachers that I had as a child made me aspire to pursue a career in education.  I hope to inspire the students of M.S. 137 by showing them that anything is possible if you work hard enough for it. 

This school year is my 18th year serving in education, and my entire career has been within District 27.  Before becoming Principal, I worked for one year as a 5th-grade teacher at P.S. 108.  I then taught Technology for over ten years to all grades at M.S. 137.  In 2017 I became an Assistant Principal at M.S. 137 and had been the grade AP for all three grades. Additionally, I started the Dual Language program in our school, where students learn English and Spanish in their major subject classes.  Being a part of the Middle School 137 community for so long has enabled me to familiarize myself with the needs and strengths of the entire school community. As your  Principal, I will develop these strengths further while addressing the needs of our students and their families. 

During my career, I have developed a sense of inclusion, equity, and community. All voices are influential and must be heard from students, staff, and school community members.  Our school community will strive for excellence, equity, and access for all whom we serve.  Just as I instilled these beliefs in my previous roles as your Principal, I am committed to working with you to implement these ideas school-wide. The voices of our family members are of utmost importance. I will provide multiple opportunities to communicate with you to serve your children best and maximize their full learning potential. We are a team, and we will work together to ensure this. 

Please know that I consider it a privilege to serve this school community, and I look forward to engaging in meaningful conversations with you all. 

Pamela Trincado